Every Day I’m..Running!?



After Week One ended, I noticed that I was not exercising consistently. I researched some ways to get rid of belly fat and one of the predominant ways to remove that stubborn visceral fat through exercise was running/cardio. Yesterday, I made a really ridiculous goal; to run on the elliptical for an hour for the rest of the week to see what would happen. When I got to my community Rec Center, I was nervous and not happy about running and especially for an hour (what was I thinking!?). However, after I put in my earbuds, heard the upbeat music, I just got into the groove and before I knew it I had ran five miles and burned 480 calories. The best part!? I was not sore this morning. I attribute this miracle to stretching before and after the run as well as getting some circuit/strength training in to my day.


This morning, I got up and had a serving of cottage cheese and two cups of water, then headed to the Rec Center for more running. It was easier today than yesterday. Also, I worked my arms this afternoon (Tank Top Arms) in order to maintain consistency and tone this body into shape.

We will have to see what happens at this week’s weigh-in on Saturday to see if these exercise changes have made a difference. Keeping my fingers crossed!


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