Week One Overview


Getting Started

I started my weight loss journey on January 2, 2014. I had researched and organized the day before, as well as got all my fitness DVDs and equipment out of storage. I created a general meal plan for the week and reread Making the Cut for a refresher. (For more details on my preparation please see my Resources page).

I knew my biggest challenge was going to be food. I cannot stop eating (seriously, I love seconds and thirds and fourths) or my portion sizes are huge compared to what I should be eating. So I knew I was going to need to get healthy snacks and foods for this change in my life. I decided on Sprouts and King Soopers. Sprouts has lots of produce and a great fresh seafood selection as well as “hippie food” (i.e. flax seed, vitamins, teas, Kashi, basically anything super healthy and expensive). King Soopers has a great produce selection and a large “hippie food” selection as well.

The first week is always the hardest; my body craved macaroni and cheese, sour cream and onion chips, and chocolate covered raisins like a detoxing crack addict; I got headaches and was kinda cranky (a lot cranky if you ask my husband hehehe). I ate every two hours (vegetables and lean protein or low-calorie snacks) to help curb my cravings and alleviate my withdrawals. I will be honest; it didn’t help at all. GGRR! But I didn’t have any food issues this week (I didn’t go over my allotted daily BMR). YES! I have to monitor everything that goes into my mouth, so I don’t get carried away, which is where MyFitnessPal comes into play. I use this app like my  life depends on it (because it really does!). I am the first to admit that I have no self-control and I don’t know what moderation means. I enjoy seeing what I eat, where I need to improve, and where I am doing awesome!

I didn’t exercise much during Week One. I break down my household cleaning throughout the week and each group of chores takes approximately one hour and I use moderate effort (burns 144 calories). I did exercise with Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Week One Video, I did 30-minutes of yoga, and exercised with Bob Harper Beginner Pure Burn/Super Strength. Also, I went jogging on our trail behind my home for 30 minutes. As you can see, my organized exercises were sporadic and not longer than 30-minutes.

When I weighed in I didn’t see as much weight loss as I wanted to see but I did lose inches. Overall, I was proud of my first week.

Here are some highlights of my first week:

Berry Breakfast Smoothie (I accidentally drank the entire creation = two servings instead of one LOL)berry breakfast smoothie

Nutty Banana Nibblers (AMAZING!) I refrigerated the leftover filling and used it on my toast, yummy!banananib

Sriracha Salmon



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