Blast Belly Fat!


Benefits of Yogurt and Cinnamon

One of my favorite snacks is yogurt. And adding some cinnamon to your yogurt gives it a great flavor as well as some great health benefits. I have researched a lot of health magazines, reputable health websites (including WebMD, research journals), and Dr. Oz.


  • Prevents storage of extra fat
  • Increases the metabolism of glucose (sugar)
  • Prevents metabolized sugar from turning into fat
  • Delays the passing of food from the stomach to the intestines (makes you feel fuller longer)
  • Visceral (belly) fat is highly sensitive to these actions (affects belly fat more than other areas of your body).


Yogurt is just as incredible at getting rid of the most unwanted fat out there, that yucky belly fat. Belly fat is retained by a devil hormone called cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that tells the body to hold onto fat and create more fat (especially visceral fat) and cortisol increases when the body is stressed.

  • Contains calcium, and calcium signals fat cells to pump less cortisol, which allows your body remove the belly fat easier
  • Contains good-for-you bacteria that aids in digestion and prevents bloating
  •  The amino acids help you recover from a work-out much quicker
  • Prevents high blood pressure and increases circulation
  • Eating two servings (6-8 ounces) per day will increase your weight loss by 22%
  • Eating three servings (6-8 ounces) per day will increase your belly fat loss by 81%

Currently, I am eating one to two servings of yogurt per day. I eat the fat-free hippie yogurt (particularly Cascade Fresh and Kefir). Also, I eat Yoplait Lite. Kefir is a great probiotic that I include in my smoothies and other meals. I will keep you updated on how much belly fat I lose throughout the weeks to come; so far I’ve lost one inch of belly fat in one week.

cinnamon kefir yoplait lite


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  1. Thanks for the tip Brittany! I will definitely have to make my own yogurt and let you know the outcome. Stay healthy and happy!

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