Week Two Overview


Why am I Not Losing Weight or Inches?

Well, I didn’t lose as much weight or inches as I thought I was going to (see Progress Reports for more details) but I feel absolutely amazing! I have so much energy, my skin is glowing and fabulous, and I have seen drastic improvements in my mood (I am happy and less stressed).

However, I was still concerned that I did not lose hardly any inches or weight so I asked my brother-in-law (fitness guru) to gain some insight and perhaps a starting point for some research. He and I went over my exercise (extreme cardio and strength training daily) as well as my food diary (nothing but healthy foods with very minimal carbs and sugar). He suggested my problem was not allowing myself a single indulgence and the level of exercise I started to do immediately. I researched leptin (the look-out hormone, the gatekeeper of fat metabolism that tells your body when to hold onto fat storages). Leptin will make your body hold onto fat storages if it senses your body is under stress:

  • Exercising too much (especially if your body is not used to a rigorous work-out routine)
  • Sudden change in diet (especially if you suddenly decrease your intake of carbs and/or sugars)
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress (which increases cortisol; another hormone that holds onto fat cells)

All these items listed above, I am guilty of; unknowingly putting my body under stress by over-exercising too soon, drastically changing my diet to the extreme, and I don’t get near enough sleep that my body requires for all these changes. I should have been gradual about my exercise and in two weeks I should have allowed myself a small indulgence or two. Yesterday, I made a new plan that will require half of the exercise I was doing and trying to get as close to my BMR as I possibly can (after review of my food diary, I was usually 200 calories under my BMR for the day) without going over. I am going to allow myself a small indulgence every week (probably on Saturday or Sunday). I knew the last ten pounds were going to be hardest to get rid of and I want so badly to get rid of them immediately but I learned a valuable lesson in patience this weekend. A lifestyle change is more than dramatic weight loss, it is a journey and I need to enjoy the ride or I won’t be able to keep the weight off for good.

Moderation is key (and that goes both ways); you shouldn’t over-indulge but you shouldn’t under-indulge either.
never give up


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