When Healthy Living Doesn’t Agree With You

Yesterday was rough. My hunger pangs, headaches, and crankiness were out of control and getting worse every day this week. I tried having caffeine, simple carbs, little indulgences every day, and a small piece of chocolate; nothing worked! I was so frustrated and I can barely make it through a work-out without getting sick. I am not sleeping and starting to feel sluggish again (ggrr!). I had enough. Late last night, I contacted my good friend, Mike, who is a health/fitness guy and Advocare distributor. He agreed to stop by this morning and discuss my concerns and consult me on how to get my life back on track. We went over all my options and the science behind the products, the human body, and weight loss and feeling good again. After listening to me whine and complain, we created a plan of action and determined what products would be best for me and my needs. I really like that Advocare has so many products (weight loss, muscle building, maintenance, fitness, and so much more) and with the huge selection, every person can have their own personal needs met. Due to my uclers (please see About Me for more information on my ailments), I have to be very careful with my body and I love that the Advocare products promote a healthy digestive system and protect it as well.

I ordered the 24-Day Challenge with the MNS Max-C (this product helps control cravings and suppresses appetite). The challenge will arrive by the beginning of next week (cannot wait!). In the meantime, I have samples of the Spark Energy drink, meal replacement drink, and snack bar. Also, I purchased the LeptiLean; due to my intense cravings I wanted extra help feeling full and keeping those cravings away. The Spark drink is really yummy and has already minimized my headaches. I started taking the LeptiLean and I will see how I feel tonight (because my cravings hit hard about an hour after dinner).

I still have to eat healthy. I still have to exercise. I still have to be motivated to make good choices. I still have to work hard to lose my weight and meet my goals. This isn’t an “easy way out”; this is just a helpful hand keeping me strong throughout my journey.

For those skeptics, (like me), I will keep you posted on how well the Advocare products perform and how effective the 24-Day Challenge performs. Advocare is not a “fad diet”; it is a provider of high-quality supplements for all stages of health. Since I am in the beginning stages of getting my health back, I started at the bottom and will work my way up to the different products (provided Advocare proves itself). For more information about Advocare, visit www.advocare.com. If you decide to purchase Advocare products, please go through Michael Phillips (Distributor) and be sure to say that Angela Gillen sent you.

Please note: There is no shame in asking for help. We all need help sometimes and if I have to pay a little extra money for high-quality assistance then so be it. I know I am worth it.

ask for help


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