Week Three Overview


Starting New with Advocare

I started the LeptiLean by Advocare on January 22, 2014. This pill is amazing! I didn’t have the night-time hunger pangs and I ate much less food and felt fuller after lunch and dinner. I consumed 50% less of what I would normally eat at lunch and dinner. Oh my goodness, what a great little pill. I did not exercise this week (except for housecleaning and general walking around) so my weight loss was not significant but due to my “eating in moderation” I lost inches (one inch in just my muffin top made me super happy!). See Progress Reports for more information.

I received my 24-Day Challenge today. I am so excited to start my challenge tomorrow! I plan on keeping you updated on the experience and how things go (what works and what doesn’t). Based on the samples I have tried (Spark energy drink, meal replacement shake, snack bar) and of course the LeptiLean, I am feeling very confident with the 24-Day Challenge. I sent my Advocare Advisor the exercise equipment/videos/rec center I have access to and what my goals are (lose weight and inches, tone my shoulders/upper arms/back and butt/thighs) and he is going to develop a strong exercise plan that will keep my body guessing so I don’t get stuck doing the exact same exercises all the time (since I am a creature of habit).


I am more optimistic this week than last week, which has greatly increased my motivation. I am still experiencing a good mood and clear, glowing skin from eating healthy and exercising. I cannot wait to share the results from this coming week.



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