24-Day Challenge, Day 1


Advocare’s 24-Day Challenge

I started my 24-Day Challenge today, February 3, 2014, with the following measurements:

Weight: 132.0 pounds
Waist: 28″
Hips: 40.5″
Left Thigh: 23″
Right Thigh: 23.5″
Bust: 34.5″
Under Bust: 31″
One Inch Under Bellybutton: 33.5″

I do not plan on weighing and measuring every day, rather the morning after every third day.

The 24-Day Challenge consists of a 10-day Cleansing Phase and a 14-day Max Phase. The products came with instructions and helpful hints with all the products as well as a Daily Guide for the 24-Day Challenge.

Here are the products that came with my Challenge:
Peaches and Cream Herbal Cleanse and Fiber Drink (contains no nuts)
Spark Energy Drink, Fruit Punch
Spark Energy Drink, Mandarin Orange
OmegaPlex (Omega-3 pills)
Meal Replacement Shake, Vanilla (chocolate aggravates my ulcers)
MNS Max-C (I selected Control in order to alleviate my intense cravings)

Additionally, I purchased the LeptiLean. I take one capsule 45-minutes before lunch and another 45-minutes before dinner to increase my satiety levels and alleviate my cravings.

The Peaches and Cream Fiber Drink is mixed with 4-ounces of water and 4-ounces of Trop50 orange juice (to help with getting it drank quickly) in the morning of the first three days and the last three days of the 10-day Cleansing Phase. I had no trouble with drinking the Fiber Drink; it was very tasty and as long as you drink it quickly during/after breakfast followed by a glass of water, it was super easy to get down and settled nicely in my stomach. (I have ulcers throughout my stomach and intestines and I didn’t have any discomfort with the Fiber Drink).

Large Pill Alert: I take three large cleansing pills the first seven days of the Cleansing Phase before bedtime and two OmegaPlex pills with dinner every day of the challenge. The pills are large but not bigger than a calcium pill or multi-vitamin. I found them easy to swallow with some water.

The Spark Energy Drink is delicious; I found it really grainy when I only added 8-ounces and my distributor told me it would best to mix the Spark with 16-18-ounces of water. I added 18 ounces of water and drank it throughout the morning and afternoon. It tastes like Kool-Aid or Crystal Light. It gives you that caffeine boost (if you are addicted to sodas and coffee) and gives you a boost.

My first day of the 24-Day Challenge went well. The guide tells you everything you should be eating and what supplements to take for every single day of the challenge. I went pee A LOT during the day. I had no bowel issues (diarrhea, constipation, constant pooping), in fact I only had one bowel movement all day. I strictly followed their dietary recommendations (lots of vegetables, protein, some complex carbohydrates, and fruits) and their meal time recommendations (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack). It felt like I ate a lot during the day; I am still using MyFitnessPal and even though it felt like a lot of food, I was still right at my BMR for the day, without going over. I got very busy with work, household chores, and grocery shopping; I know, NO EXCUSES; but I didn’t get started on my Exercise Plan today. I am looking forward to tomorrow and starting to exercise.

Day 1: Complete. Successful.


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