24-Day Challenge, Day 3


I woke up (feeling worse than yesterday; fever is going down but the all-over aches and stuffed nose are terrible) but managed to get out of bed and continue my 24-Day Challenge. I didn’t mind drinking the Fiber Drink (so yummy) but I had to force myself to have some breakfast (I just don’t feel like eating because of the flu). Today, my “exercise” consisted of slowly making my way up and down the stairs to do some laundry. I was well under my BMR for the day (by almost 300 calories), which I know is not good, but when you don’t feel good, you just can’t eat that much. My husband made me a delicious White Bean Chicken Soup and after one serving, I was full. I took some medicine and, again, went to bed early. I did not pee as much today (and I still had nine 8-ounce glasses of water); I only had one bowel movement (usual morning routine) and the gas started to minimize a little bit today (thank goodness!). I have heard that a lot of people experience an increase in bowel movements daily, but I have not experienced that issue at all (so far).

I am hoping I feel better tomorrow and can manage to get around better than the past few days. I need rest but with four children, it gets very difficult staying in bed and asleep. I am looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow and see if any progress has been made with the Cleansing Phase, despite the lack of exercise.


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