Healthy(ier) Snack Options


Shopping for Healthy Snacks

During my shopping adventures, I was on the look-out for some healthy (or healthier) options for my “between meal” snacks and desserts. I wanted something that would help me get closer to my BMR (without going over) and since I am usually 200-300 calories under my daily calorie goal, I decided to look for snack options in the 150-250 caloric range.

Townhouse Pita Crackers; you get six crackers for 70 calories. I can double my crackers (if I desire) and eat with some Sabra hummus (only 70 calories for two tablespoons). My favorite Sabra flavors are Supremely Spicy and Spinach & Artichoke.
 pita crackershummus

Newton Fruit Thins are so yummy! You get three cookies for 140 calories and they have some amazing flavors; my favorite is the Blueberry. An added bonus: whole grains! and hardly any sugars.
newton fruit things

Skinny Cow Frozen Desserts. O.M.G. These desserts are a little pricey ($4.00 to $5.00 a box for 4 to 6 desserts per box) but are so delicious! I have tried many of their desserts and have not been disappointed in any of the flavors. And the bestest part!? They range from 110 to 160 calories!!! Best thing ever for a sweet tooth.
skinny cow4skinny cow1  skinny cow2skinny cow3

Orville Smart Pop is the best popcorn for individuals who love salty snacks. I can eat an entire bag without the guilt (one entire full-size bag is only 90 calories!).
orville pop smart

Fiber One Products: My favorites are when I need a chocolate fix; the Chocolate Brownie Bar and the Chocolate Cereal. The brownie has only 90 calories and the cereal (3/4 cup) has 80 calories. I eat the cereal plain or with my light soy milk (1 cup of milk is 70 calories).
fiberone cerealfiber one brownie

The Ham and Cheese with Wheat Crackers Lunchable is 260 calories and perfect for when you have a light lunch. The only downside to this option is the sodium (620 mg) but if you have a salad for lunch and maintain a low-sodium diet day this is an acceptable (and filling) snack option or even lunch option with a salad. The crackers are made with whole wheat grains.


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