24-Day Challenge, Day 5


Today I woke up and WooHoo! I am feeling so much better! Thank goodness; my aches are gone, fever is gone, and now I just have a cold, which I can completely manage without issues. I took my two little probiotic pills with a hearty breakfast of an Open-Faced Egg Sandwich. I had a light lunch of soup and salad with another few cups of Spark Energy Drink, Fruit Punch. I need the energy for tonight for sure.

Since I am feeling better, and we have no children tonight, I am going to take my husband out and about tonight. I am looking forward to seeing how well I do when I am surrounded by yummy restaurant food (Bonefish Grill) and a couple movies. We haven’t seen a movie in a long time (that didn’t involve kids LOL) and we are overdue for some entertainment. I really hope the LeptiLean works well tonight. I am excited to try out my willpower.

After trying out my willpower at Bonefish Grill, I will say that dinner out was: SUCCESSFUL! Since I took my LeptiLean I only ate half of my meal (brought the leftovers home). My willpower at the movie was highly successful, since I brought my own snacks into the theater hehehe. I brought my Smart Pop popcorn and four Dove mini chocolates (40 calories a piece). By the end of the night, I was over my BMR by 11 calories, so I would say I had a successful night out.

However, I haven’t been as regular (bowel movements) since being on the 24-Day Challenge, my bowels seized and I had excruciating abdominal pain throughout the night and into the morning. By the beginning of Day 6, the pain was still there and I was miserable.


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