24-Day Challenge, Day 6


Stopping Advocare Immediately

Today, Saturday, February 8, 2014, I woke up from getting very little sleep because my bowels were completely backed-up and in horrible pain. I continued following the challenge, had no bowel movements all day (at this point I had not had a bowel movement since early Thursday morning), and tried to drink as much water (and hot tea with lemon) as possible to try and get my bowels moving to stop the pain. Then the nausea came in the afternoon. My stomach was completely unsettled (after having bland foods all day). Late in the evening, I felt an intense urge to use the bathroom and literally ran to bathroom only to pass a tiny pebble. I attempted to eat dinner and shortly thereafter my nausea turned into severe vomiting. I was absolutely miserable all night. The vomiting finally stopped around 11:00 p.m. and I decided to contact my primary doctor and GI doctor. It was advised to stop all Advocare products immediately. I was told it can take 3 to 5 days to get the products completely out of my system. My GI doctor was baffled that probiotics and a fiber cleanse would cause my body to become irregular. He suggested that if my symptoms stop after I stop the Advocare products, then we know it is the Advocare products. If my symptoms persist, then we know I am going into relapse (H. Pylori ulceritis is back in full-force). I am to continue taking my ulceritis medication and magnesium supplement, continue to eat healthy, and try to move around/exercise moderately. I have been extremely cold, with my hands and feet tingling with numbness periodically. I cannot get warm and I am absolutely miserable. I have also experienced itching all over my body that has gotten progressively worse since starting the 24-Day Challenge.

As of late tonight (February 8, 2014), I am stopping all of the Advocare products immediately. I will give my body 5 days to recover and see how I feel. I am going to follow my doctor’s instructions and continue to eat healthy and do my very best to move around and exercise in moderation once my stomach and bowels settle down. I will keep everyone posted on the outcome and how I am managing this set-back.

Even without Advocare, I am going to continue my healthy lifestyle and weight loss adventure.
never give up2


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