Week Seven Overview


Losing Inches

Well, over the past two weeks I have put back on another pound, so I am still right at 130 pounds. However, I have lost another 1.5 inches this week alone! With the walks, runs, circuit training, HIIT exercises, housework, and chasing after four children I believe that I am gaining lean muscle mass while losing fat (according to all these experts and my doctor). I wasn’t discouraged to see the scale not moving at a downward pace because I can see I am thinner; I can fit into jeans and shirts I haven’t been able to wear in over a year; my bras are getting a little loose; my skin is glowing; I feel energized and amazing! I am happy that I am learning to not place a huge emphasis on the number on my scale, rather how I am feeling and looking.

Monitor Fat Intake

On the nutrition side of things, I have noticed that 2-3 days per week (over the last two weeks) I have exceeded my daily fat (40 grams of fat per day or 30% of my daily diet should be coming from fat). And on those days of high fat intake, we are talking about 40-60% of my daily diet was fat (EEKK). I love MyFitnessPal because I can see exactly what is going into my body and I can adjust my nutrition accordingly. For example, on days when I have half an avocado (14 grams of fat for half an avocado) for lunch, I should not have a high-fat dinner followed by a high-fat dessert. Light Bulb Moment: I think this is another reason why I am maintaining my weight; I am having several high-fat days during the week and then exercising that fat off, not so much the pre-existing fat. (Make sense?) So now I can adjust my nutrition and select healthier and lower fat options for snacks or desserts if I am getting close to my daily fat allotment. I will be starting Week 8 with these small changes and see what happens.

I hope y’all are motivated and sticking to your nutrition plans and fitness goals. It truly makes a difference in your mood, your appearance (I am literally glowing), and your life. I just feel better; I am HAPPY! And I hope y’all are experiencing the same results.


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