Week Eight Overview


Okay everyone, I started this week off doing so awesome; exercising and eating healthy, coming up with new snack options and a natural detox drink that tastes delicious and is super healthy for your body. However, I had a major (and highly stressful) family issue come up and I completely fell off the wagon. I did not exercise (except house cleaning) and I did not use MyFitnessPal or monitor my food intake; some days I barely ate and other days I went crazy eating food I knew I shouldn’t eat (fried foods, high-fat, high-carb, etc.). I am not beating myself up for this misstep; life happens and sometimes we are not prepared to handle the stress of major life events. I did not weigh or measure myself this week because I was not focused on my body and health, rather my focus was elsewhere. I plan to start Week Nine with newfound strength and determination.

On a positive note, my business is booming so I will be putting more hours into work (I work from home as a Recruiter and HR Consultant) and I will be sure to stick to a schedule so I am accounting for eating, working, and exercising throughout the day. I am excited to be working at full capacity!

Keep your head up and smile. Life happens; accept your challenges, overcome, and move forward.


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