Week 10 Overview


Emotional Issues While Dieting

My apologies to all my readers for not updating y’all sooner; I was out of town all last weekend and have been dealing with a lot of emotional, family-related stress last week and into this week; on top of staying very busy with my business; what a whirlwind of craziness!

I did not do any formal exercise/strength training but I went snowboarding for over two hours and walked a lot. Also, I tried hard to maintain a healthy diet. When I am stressed, I tend not to eat so I had to make sure I was eating little meals throughout the day. I had a few “cheat” snacks (i.e. fried foods, starches) but overall I did very well. My weight loss results were astounding from eating lean proteins (chicken and seafood only), lots of vegetables, and drinking lots of water.

I need to get a handle on my personal situation and how to cope with my emotions as well as getting organized with my business and the extra work headed my way. I think exercising will help significantly and I need to plan some time to exercise my emotions out. That will be my goal going into Week 11.


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