Weeks 11 thru 14 Overview


No More Excuses

Hello to all my faithful followers and readers. Sorry to make you worry and my apologies for not posting these past few weeks. As you all know, life happens and sometimes when it rains, it definitely pours. In the past few weeks, I have dealt with some serious marital strife, the death of my maternal grandmother, illnesses (flu and relapse symptoms of my H.Pylori) due to all the stress, several church functions, and seven different jobs/projects on top of my regular career. It has been an intense few weeks.

I am happy to announce that my marriage is getting back on track and my family and I have gotten closure with my grandmother’s death. Also, the church functions are over and I completed all my additional jobs/projects. I am starting this week with a clean plate and a more relaxed state of mind.

I got over the flu (thank goodness) and tomorrow (April 15th) I am required to complete a bowel prep due to my intestinal track refusing to work correctly. I attribute my massive blockage to my unhealthy eating habits and intense stress that I have been under for three weeks.

So now it is time to get back on the wagon and start eating healthy again.
Now is the time stop the excuses and start exercising once every day.
No more excuses! No more “But I don’t have time” “I work too much” “I can’t keep up with the housework and exercise at the same time” “I’m too tired” BLAH BLAH BLAH. WAH WAH WAH. No more whining. No more excuses. I want to feel healthy, I want my body to be happy. Now is the time.

Here’s to new beginnings!


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