Week 15 Overview


Overcoming Your Obstacles

This week was full of challenges including bouncing back from some serious emotional junk, a bowel prep and recovery, and figuring out a schedule that will include my future exercise plans. Through all these challenges, I lost weight and inches, but most importantly I started feeling “normal” again; skin is getting healthy, energy is starting to rise, and overall I am feeling really good again.

I have reached my goal with inch loss (see Progress Reports) and have adjusted my inch loss goal to accommodate future loss. I am so excited about being able to wear clothing (especially my jeans) that fits comfortably and the added bonus of shopping for smaller sizes once I reach my weight loss goals. I LOVE shopping so that is going to be such a motivating treat for me.

I plan on continuing my healthy eating, with my diet primarily consisting of lean protein and vegetables. Also, I want to try a supplement and see what all the fuss is about (see if it really works without the nasty side effects of other supplements). You can check out that post here.

I have made a commitment to myself to stick to my exercise plan, no excuses. I plan on implementing my new exercise plan starting Week 16 and I am really looking forward to feeling the burn and feeling incredible.

I am really happy about my progress so far. I have made great strides on my journey to more hippie food and less sweatpants.

strong strong2 strong3


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