HIIT; Quick and Beneficial


HIIT Exercises

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a type of workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of low or no activity. Here are some examples of HIIT:

hiit hiit2 hiit3


  • Efficient; HIIT provides quick work-outs that average 15 minutes per day making it ideal for a busy schedule. Research indicates that you get better results doing HIIT three times a week than an hour on the treadmill. HIIT saves time.
  • Burn; HIIT burns more calories and fat especially 24-hours after the work-out. The exertion kicks your body into hyper-drive and increases your metabolism.
  • Equipment Free; HIIT uses your body’s weight only. No need for expensive gym memberships or fancy exercise equipment. HIIT saves money.
  • Strengthen; HIIT maintains your body’s muscle mass by strength training. With more muscle mass, your body will focus on those stubborn fat stores as well as increasing your metabolism.
  • Convenient; HIIT can be done absolutely anywhere. No need for traveling to the gym. You can perform HIIT in your home, in your hotel room, on the beach, in your backyard, at the park, anywhere.
  • Motivating; HIIT keeps your body guessing with the many exercise options. You will never be bored and your body will be less likely to plateau.

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