Week 16 Overview


Sweet 16!

fit feels goodOh my goodness what a wonderful week! Energy, clear skin, exercising, finally able to get outside in the beautiful weather that fickle Colorado provided, no hunger, no cravings, and just an overall feeling of AMAZING! This week was a good week. I lost inches all over as well as a half pound.

I was committed to eating a healthy and clean diet that consisted primarily of lean protein, fish, vegetables, and fiber-filled fruit. I drank a ton of water and only had a couple cheat drinks (coffee, Dr. Pepper) this week. I went on a shopping frenzy for hippie food and got creative with recipes and found new loves (my husband made homemade Chicken Empanadas that were baked). What a wonderful week of food!

I was committed to my exercise plan. Initially, I only did a little exercise at the beginning of the week but once I got a burst of energy, by Tuesday I was an exercising machine. My favorite exercise memory this week was doing my HIIT exercises while the kids were playing at the park. After I walked and jogged with the kids to the park, I decided to keep the exercise train going by doing some HIIT exercises. It was so much fun and the kids loved helping me; they encouraged me, rooted me on, and kept time for me. What a blast!

I absolutely cannot wait to see what next week brings!


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