Week 17 Overview


Getting Over the Plateau

This week went well.

I was sluggish on Tuesday afternoon into the evening. I kept drinking water and treated myself to a Skinny Cow dessert. By Wednesday morning, I was more energized. I don’t know if my blood sugar dropped a little or I was just tired from a busy day but things were a little better by the next day. Overall, my mood and energy stayed up but I didn’t have that big drive like last week. I did not take any of the Garcinia Cambogia this week. I really think the Garcinia Cambogia provided me that burst of energy and mood enhancement during Week 16. Since the only change from last week and this week was me not taking the Garcinia Cambogia, I am going back on those amazing pills starting tomorrow. I am still hovering between 6.4 to 7 pounds of weight loss so I think the Garcinia Cambogia gives my body that extra push  it desperately needs and this should help me lose the last five pesky pounds to meet my goals.

This week I went swim suit shopping. And I was so happy by the time I left the store (with a new swim suit). Now I know what you’re thinking, happy after swim suit shopping!? Absolutely because all my hard work is paying off; I now wear a small on top and a medium on bottom (or a medium monokini). I used to have to wear a large (and in some brands an extra large EEKK). So this was super exciting! It is always such an awesome feeling to physically see the difference in your body and, of course, getting new clothes.

Last night, my husband and I treated ourselves to Brazilian food (the place that brings you meat to your table and doesn’t stop coming with the meat until you tap out). The high protein was good, but the sodium content was high. I had one fruity cocktail, a salad (I created myself), and a small portion (1/4 cup) of rice and beans and mashed potatoes to accompany the meat-fest. Each meat portion is about one to two ounces (and I sampled 8 different meats). I did not calculate my meal last night. I always count my calories, but last night I wanted to just relax and see what would happen; I noticed that I selected healthy salad options and in moderation and I selected small portions of carbs. Also, my stomach is definitely shrinking because by meat choice five I was already getting full. The last three options were just me being a glutton (but the food was SO good!). Overall, I would count last night’s dinner as a success!

Exercise: I stuck to my exercise plan like white on rice. I am so proud of me! I think all my exercise attributed to my inch loss (another half inch in belly fat alone!) and I am so excited to keep myself on the exercise train; destination “bringing sexy back”!

I really want to get over this plateau and break through my rut. My goal is to go over seven pounds of total weight loss by the end of next week. I hope to accomplish this goal by taking the Garcinia Cambogia, maintaining my exercise plan, and staying on track with my healthy eating.

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