New Fitness App!


Map My Fitness

mapmyfitnessI found a new fitness app that is really neat-o and super helpful. It is called MapMyFitness and is available for free on your smartphone. I have the iPhone 4S and it works brilliantly.

This app has some great features that sets it apart from calorie counters because it is designed to manage your fitness activities including GPS live tracking, calories burned automatic calculation, distance tracking, route planning, and so much more. If you pay for their MVP option ($29.99/year or $5.99/month) it provides many additional services that mimic having a personal trainer in your pocket. I am using the free version.

  • Activity: The app has tons of activities to choose from (i.e. running, walking, jogging, yard work, yoga, snorkeling, rock climbing). You select the activity you plan on performing. I plan on using MapMyFitness for my walks/jogs/runs.
  • Tracking: Using its GPS tracking, in conjunction with your phone’s GPS capabilities, the app calculates where you started from, the route you are taking, and where you end up (all in real time). It records (in real time) the total distance traveled, length of exercise, and how many calories burned.
  • Recording: The app allows you to save workouts for future use and store your workouts to see your progress.
  • Networking: After your workout, you can share your workout (and if you went for a walk/jog/run, the path you took) to your favorite social media sites. The app lets you connect with friends and even create “fitness dates” with your MapMyFitness friends.
  • Other Features: The app automatically links your music into MapMyFitness. You don’t have to leave the app and open your music and go back to the app to listen to your favorite work-out tunes. It is all right there within MapMyFitness.

I am really impressed with this app so far and have had no issues. It is easy to use (even for the non-tech savvy person like myself) and its algorithm seems spot-on and accurate to other fitness and calorie calculators.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to something like the Nike Fit Band or other high-tech gizmo (nothing wrong with that) I would suggest downloading MapMyFitness onto your phone and start accomplishing your fitness goals.

I am never endorsed by any product mentioned in any article.
These statements and opinions are based on my own real-life experiences.


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