Week 18 Overview


Breaking the Plateau


What an incredible week! I broke another inch loss goal (reset that goal and you can see that on my Progress Reports page) and finally made it to my pre-pregnancy weight of 123 pounds. (It only took me six years LOL but hey I did it!). WOOHOO! I am so motivated and excited!

In the world of food, I stuck really close to my BMR (a couple days I was under, eekk) but managed to eat healthy and still have little indulgences throughout the week. When I had a high sodium day (for me that would probably be a normal amount of salt to other people because I have to stick to a low-sodium diet) I drank a lot more water than usual to flush out that extra salt. I minimized my carb intake and watched my daily fat intake a little better than usual. I had two cups of Dr. Pepper this week, just because I was craving a little caffeine and one glass of Prosecco, just because I can LOL. Not too shabby of a week.

In the fabulous world of fitness, I did a lot of walking. Also, I stuck to my exercise plan really well and now that I have exceeded my second inch loss goal, I want to focus on my hips/butt and thighs. These areas are not experiencing significant inch loss and I would like to get this stubborn area toned, especially before summertime. I plan on researching exercises that target these areas and, of course, I will keep you posted on what I find to work best for me.

I took the Garcinia Cambogia before breakfast and lunch every day this week. Again, I have no weird symptoms from taking these pills, just a stronger drive to get moving; it definitely gives me energy. I think these pills also boost my metabolism and burn more fat because I broke through my plateau this week without any issues. So happy with this product!

Overall, I am feeling amazing! I am energized, happy, and glowing. This keeps me motivated to keep maintaining my healthy living. I felt so good that I went out and bought a new summer outfit and beauty products. I have not been paying too close attention to my make-up and hair, so it feels great to take time for myself; make my outside as pretty as I feel on the inside. So happy! I love being a girlie girl again!

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