Maintenance Time


Weight Loss Maintenance

This past month has been incredible! I started a new job, which I plan on making my career. I still get to work from home but with this position being permanent (provided I succeed during the 90-day probationary period) I don’t have the need (or desire) to work on numerous recruiting and HR projects. I can focus all my attention to my part-time recruiting position so that means less stress, more sleep, more family time, and better weight loss maintenance.

The past two weeks were excellent! I took a must-needed vacation with my husband (we went to Vegas) and we surprisingly didn’t gorge ourselves with food and alcohol; we had several indulgences but did really well. I didn’t weigh or measure myself the week prior to going to Vegas and I didn’t weigh in this past Saturday. My very special “skinny” bathing suit I purchased especially for my new body fit like a glove (I looked amazing!) and was so proud of my accomplishments.

I am going to give myself a week to recover and bounce back, get back into my exercise plan, and all that jazz. I am drinking lots of green tea, water, and V8 Fruit Fusions Light as well as trying to get back to healthy eating. This week is going to be difficult because we have a week long church function for our kids and our son is in football camp this week, and of course, all activities fall right around dinner time so our schedule and menu will be all out of whack but I plan on doing my very best to make healthy choices and try to eat clean this week.

success2 success3


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