Maintenance Time Continued


Maintenance Mode

It has been three months since my last posting. I am (finally) going strong in what I am calling “Maintenance Mode”.

STRESS: I had an extremely stressful past three months; with lots of emotional drama and chaos. The stress caused constant migraines (16 days straight of a horrific, debilitating migraine), body pain, ulceritis flare-ups, and serious mood swings. The mood swings would go from angry to sad to depressed to frustration; it was terrible.

FOOD: Due to the stress, I was doing two things; eating fried/fatty foods and not eating at all. During the week days, I would not eat breakfast or lunch and eat a little bit of food at dinner. During the weekend, I would eat one very large meal of food that wasn’t good for me (fried foods, high-fat, alcohol, etc.).

EXERCISE: I have not been doing any type of formal exercise in over three months. I do a lot of yard work, housecleaning, walking with my kids and dog, and final swimming days with the kids.

RESOLUTION: I had to step back from my work-at-home business and focus on getting myself back on track. I decided to purge my life of the negative people in my life, seek therapy, surround myself with loving and supportive people; and most importantly, get my spiritual life on track. I started reading and spending “quiet time” for myself and by myself. I started doing my hair and make-up again. I went through my wardrobe and got rid of all the junk I was holding onto (P.S. this is a great way to implement the emotional therapy of “letting go” through physical/visual actions). Getting rid of shoes, purses, and clothes that I never wore allowed me to “let go” and start fresh with my wardrobe, which is helping with the other areas of my life and learning to “let go”.

I started eating healthy (three meals and two snacks per day). I started drinking lots of water. I have not been able to stop drinking a cup of coffee per day, but that’s okay. My coffee is my daily indulgence. I need to get back into my Exercise Plan and start building my muscle tone back.

I am excited to report that my emotional, spiritual, and physical health is getting back on track. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me and this next adventure.



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