Boot Camp


Boot Camp for all Fitness Levels

I participated in a Boot Camp where my high school friend is a personal fitness trainer. The Boot Camp uses TRX and other circuits for getting people into shape. The trainers work with your fitness level; if you are a beginner and all the way up to those of you fitness gurus who can run circles around the wanna-be’s, like me.

This Boot Camp is not for quitters and it is not for the faint of heart. This is an intense work-out that will have you feeling hatred toward the trainers, doubting your body, and possibly throwing up (yep, I sure did) after all is said and done. For a couple days after the Boot Camp I was ridiculously sore. However, with all those fabulous cons, the Boot Camp leaves your body feeling powerful and ready to conquer more crazy, hard-core exercise.

I speak from experience, so please pay attention. If you are considering a highly intense exercise program like Boot Camp, you need to be sure you eat a balanced breakfast (or other meal) of at least 500-600 calories, two hours prior to the scheduled class. This will ensure you do not throw up during or after your Boot Camp session.

After your Boot Camp, please be sure to stretch (thoroughly) for at least 30 minutes after the session. Make sure to have a high protein drink to help those sore muscles recover. I would also highly recommend an Epsom salt bath to help alleviate the muscle pain.

Overall, I would highly recommend a Boot Camp to anyone looking to challenge themselves or if you are struggling to meet your exercise goals by yourself. The Boot Camp trainers provide motivation and accountability. Also, they ensure you are performing the exercises correctly and safely. Give it a try and find out what your body is capable of; it will definitely surprise you.

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