Sabotaging Myself


When You Have a Bad Day (or Days)

Everyone has a bad day (or series of days) and I am no exception. Please don’t beat yourself up; I have to tell myself that I am not perfect and one (or several) days of unhealthy eating and no exercise is not the end of the world. (I promise, it isn’t the end of the world, though it may feel like it at times). The trick is picking yourself back up and moving forward.

Life happens people, I get it; stress, work, kids, cravings. I can always tell when my body is out of whack (or my PMS symptoms are kicking in) when my face gets oily and I start to get pimples. Also, I crave salt and fried food like an addict. For the past few days, I definitely have not stuck to my nutrition plan and had a bunch of food on my naughty list (i.e. fried food, gluten, sugar, beer, etc., etc., etc.). So I woke up this morning feeling sluggish with an oily face, headache, bloated, blah, blah, blah. So…what’s a girl to do? Well, after my little pity party I decided to get it together (no matter how much I want to stay in bed and sleep it off, that isn’t going to help).

For those pesky PMS symptoms: I wrote a great article on maintaining your weight loss goals while on your period. Check it out!

For those CRAVINGS!!!:

  • Eat mini-meals throughout the day. Eat six smaller meals throughout the day in order to maintain blood sugar and ensure your cravings don’t turn in to binges. *Bonus: this technique makes you feel you are eating a lot, when in fact, you are eating the same amount of food (sometimes less) as if you were only eating three large meals per day. I actually eat little amounts throughout the day all the time because I have an issue with self-control and moderation of my food intake.
  • Complex carbs. Eat fiber-rich foods with every meal. The body takes its sweet time breaking down and absorbing fiber, therefore you stay fuller and satisfied longer. Here is a list of complex carbs to get you started.
  • Protein with every meal. This is another example of the body taking longer to break down and digest, keeping you fuller longer.
  • Exercise. You need to keep moving, especially when your body is feeling sluggish. (I know, so ironic isn’t it?) When you keep your body moving (whether with scheduled exercise or cleaning your house and walking the dog) you release endorphins that decrease your appetite.
  • Stop the stress. Stress increases cortisol and cortisol greatly decreases metabolism and increases appetite. Practice yoga, meditation, or other stress reducing techniques.

I had to focus and start eating healthier; and, most importantly, exercise. I gave it my best effort today and I am feeling a little better already. Always listen to your body; if it feels like crap, stop eating like crap. If it is sluggish, start moving. Just work at your own pace and pay attention to what your body is telling you. Even the little mountains are accomplishments. Everyone has to start somewhere; the important thing is to get started.

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