We All Have Our Reasons


Stop the Shaming

We all have reasons for the lifestyles we choose; whether they be healthy, destructive, addictions, mediocre, fabulous, and so on. Those reasons belong to you and you alone. My healthy lifestyle has been ridiculed, bashed, a focus of contention/complaining; I have been bullied and accused of the most ridiculous things all because I make a conscious daily effort to eat healthy and exercise.

bullyNo one should have to go through shaming of any kind. There is fat shaming, skinny shaming, healthy shaming…it is all the same; it is called bullying. These hate-filled people are bullies, nothing more. I want to encourage all people who made the decision to create a better life for themselves, whether through health/fitness goals or career goals or any other goal you deemed important enough to follow; DON’T STOP just because some person(s) aren’t comfortable with themselves unless they are putting others down. The issue lies with them, not you.

I choose to be healthy and exercise. Why? Because I can’t keep having H.Pylori bully3relapses. I don’t want to deal with stomach and intestinal ulcers. I don’t want to slip back into that deep dark hole of depression and anxiety. I dislike exercise and taking so many pills/supplements a day. But I hate excruciating pain and nausea that leaves me incapable of getting out of bed and keeps me away from my family. I hate the mental and physical effects of depression (body pain, headaches, feeling hopeless, anxious, despair). I would much rather do what my team of healthcare professionals (yes, that’s right folks, it takes a village; a GI specialist, a family practitioner, a mental health professional, and at one time a “voodoo doctor”). I prefer supplements, a healthy diet, and exercise over all that misery any day of the week. Losing weight, getting a toned body, and having a general overall wellness is just a wonderful by-product of eating healthy and staying active. Those “side effects” are not my reasons for eating hippie food and exercising.

You are not alone being a victim of bullying and shaming. I do not eat healthy and exercise because I have low self-esteem or because I am a vain and selfish person or because I think I’m better than everyone else or because I am cheating on my husband (my personal favorite shame comment) or  because I am an attention seeker or because I am anorexic or because I am a hypochondriac or because I am stupid (really?). I eat healthy and exercise in order to take care of my body and maintain wellness so I can LIVE A HIGH-QUALITY LIFE.

To all the healthy people out there (whether you are small, big, black, white, beginner, expert); stay strong and don’t let the hateful and negative people you encounter ruin your progress and happiness. Keep eating that hippie food. Keep moving and staying active. You deserve to be happy and healthy. You are worth it!



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