Back on the Band Wagon


Goodbye Fat!

Well, here I am again folks. I have definitely been in denial. I have taken the phrase “let myself go” to a whole new level; holy moly. But I know that I can get back on the healthy lifestyle wagon and succeed because I’ve done it before. So I’m not too worried; alright I lied, I’m very nervous because my weight gain was significant this time, EEKK!!!

So here is what we need to do; yes, I’m including everyone who has deviated from their weight loss goals or fitness regime or healthy lifestyle living. We just need to get back on track, start with the small victories, and turnĀ little successes into huge accomplishments.

First things first:

  • I got rid of the fatty and salty foods that tempt me all day long.
  • I stocked up on protein, fresh fruits, vegetables, green tea, kefir, and all the other detox preferred foods you can find throughout my blog. I will add more carbs after the first week or two.
  • I got my at-home workouts, weights, and other exercise stuff out of storage.
  • I made sure I had all my supplements to start taking again.
  • I got my big cup filled with water and a lemon wedge.
  • I reviewed my previous blog posts for helpful information to remember what I need to be doing this week.

Now I know what everyone is thinking; it’s the holidays, this is the season for eating. Trust me; I’ve thought about this and I’m not setting us up for failure. I am going to still have an indulgence every now and again. I will participate in Thanksgiving’s eating festivities. I will still bake all my Christmas cookies. The key to our success will be MODERATION regarding our food intake and consistent (and longer) exercise time.

Here’s to SUPER success!!!

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