I use many different resources on my healthy living journey.

Currently, (as of 3/19/2018) I am using many of the BeachBody principles, website, and information. I continue to use the wonderful internet (including Pinterest) to find new recipes and exercises. I use my blog as a reminder and revisit all the food and recipes. I am using MyFitnessPal to make sure I am following a low-cholesterol nutrition plan.

Here are some other resources I have used in the past or reference from time to time.

Master Your Metabolism

Jillian Michael’s Master Your Metabolism. This book focuses on your endocrine system and balancing your hormones based on your specific body’s needs in a three-phase plan; removing anti-nutrients from your diet, restoring foods that boost your fat-burning genes, and rebalancing your energy and hormones for weight loss and healthier living. There is a lot of her personal stories as well as a significant amount of science but this great book includes nutrition/meal plans and recipes! Where can you find this book? Amazon, Barnes & Noble. Expect to spend? $1.99 – $14. Check your library too!

making the cut
Jillian Michael’s Making the Cut. This book is an incredible source of information; calculating your BMR (this formula will tell you how many calories your body needs to sustain itself), a quiz to find your metabolic type (how your body processes foods), menus, and recipes. Making the Cut provides scientific facts to back-up the nutrition and exercise plan. For those of you who don’t know, Jillian is intense and hard-core. Making the Cut is a 30-day diet and fitness plan and is designed for people who want to lose those last 10 to 20 stubborn pounds. Where can you find this great book? Amazon, Barnes & Noble. Expect to spend? $12 – $15. Check your library too!

Another great resource (surprisingly) is Pinterest. I have found so many exercises and healthy recipes as well as inspirational and motivating quotes from this site.

A fantastic weight loss helper is MyFitnessPal. This website has an amazing app for your phone that counts your calories, both input (food) and output (exercises), including a bar code scanner, personal recipe creator, progress reports, reminders, and more. Even better? The app is free.

UPDATE: I no longer use the calorie monitor watch. After I understood my BMR and got a good read on my average calories burned (resting and active), My Fitness Pal is accurate and I no longer need to wear the watch. The Perfect Fitness Calorie Monitor is a simple monitor that calculates the calories you burn throughout the day. Your body burns calories on its own (without exercise) as a natural process (your BMR number). The Perfect Fitness Calorie Monitor uses an algorithm based on the information you input into the monitor to display your calories burned naturally, and tracks the calories you burn through exercise (3D accelerometer). Also, it has the ability to enter your caloric goals, pedometer, displays the time, and has a 7-day memory. It isn’t fancy, but it works great to keep me on track. Where can you get this nice tool? WalMart, Amazon. Except to pay? $30.


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