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I have been at this low cholesterol nutrition plan and exercise for three weeks now. I have to give myself a huge pat on the back because things are going very well.

I did not think I would be as successful but the Beachbody Challenge Group is such a fantastic and supportive group of women, which greatly helps in my accountability because I do not want to disappoint them. The first week, I had a few headaches and I was a little irritable; however, I survived and things are much easier for me.

I think my stomach is shrinking because I do not eat very much and moderation is becoming more natural. Portion sizes are easier to manage and my body is not craving food like it used to, which  is fantastic.

I did not lose much weight last week but I did have two cheat meals and did not exercise very much. I continue to lose inches and some of my pants are loose on me now. Not only do the numbers look good, I just feel amazing. I am happy, I have higher energy, my libido is coming back, I am at peace, and have more patience. I just feel…so good.

As I go into week four, I am planning on jogging/running on the elliptical 12 miles per week and getting 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into my diet per day. I heard these measures (on top of my low cholesterol nutrition plan) will help blast the belly fat (which I have a lot) so I am excited to make these additions and see what happens at the end of the week.




New Start: Week One


T25 and Healthy Eating

This past week went well. The T25 workouts were difficult but I survived. The exercise made me sore but not nearly as sore as I used to get in the past. I was successful at working out in the mornings; one day we had to work-out before dinner due to my husband’s schedule.

As for eating healthy, I did great during the weekdays. I was significantly under my BMR calorie goal every day. On Tuesday I was not feeling well at all and barely ate anything because my stomach could not handle any food. The weekend arrived and I was a little naughty; I had my favorite candy (Rainbow Twizzlers) and over-indulged on Sunday with my husband’s delicious homemade Mexican rice and chili. However, I was only over my daily calories on Saturday.

Overall, the week was successful. I stayed below my fat and carb percentage and was above my protein allotted percentage. I stayed below my allotted calories for the week. I drank a ton of water all week.

I didn’t lose as much weight as I wanted to lose but I did lose one inch in my waist and most importantly, one inch in my belly fat. I don’t have anymore water and waste weight to lose, so now for the super hard reality that I have a lot of fat to lose has set in. But that’s okay because I am lowering my daily calorie intake (from 1,530 to 1,200) and increasing my exercise. I plan on adding Jillian Michael’s “No More Trouble Zones” circuit video to my exercise routine three times per week, in addition to the T25 workouts.

I know that the lowered calories are probably going to cause headaches (as they have in the past) but I plan on having small meals throughout the day and continue to drink a lot of water and hot green tea to help with any complications that may arise while I shrink my stomach to a normal size. I estimated that I was eating around 2,700+ calories per day, (no wonder I gained 18 freakin’ pounds LOL), so I am prepared for my body to go through some major griping and complaining. I just love food, GGAAHH!

Here’s to another successful week. It’s all about small victories people.

be proud

New Day. New Start.


Beachbody, T25, Focus

No more excuses. I now weigh more than I have in a very long time. I haven’t been over 140 pounds since I was pregnant (and post-partum) with my daughter. It was a humbling weigh-in on Monday morning.

Last summer (2015) I purchased Beachbody’s T25 (Focus T25) and tried it once; never tried it again. Last year, I basically slacked off; ate whatever I wanted, did not exercise at all, and now I am paying for it.

So, I am going to stick with the T25 (Alpha and Beta phases). I am going to start eating significantly better and exercising like a crazy person. I am going to become a “morning” exercise person. I am going to stick to strict eating using My Fitness Pal.

Also, I joined a Beachbody Challenge Group to help keep me motivated and on track. I created a public profile on Beachbody for anyone to see my journey in a more “logistics” manner if you prefer. OR if you are on Beachbody too, connect with me!

The first day (Monday) was easy to get up and work out. However, the past two days have been difficult. My husband (thank goodness) has been helping me get my big butt out of bed and get downstairs for our T25 workout. Yes, the hubby is doing this with me this time around (so proud of him).

T25 is no joke. It is 25 minutes of hard work. The program is set-up for you (it comes with a calendar to follow) and each video comes with a cool down just for that work-out. I am a hot sweaty mess afterwards (as well as sore and tired LOL) but it is so worth it. The videos are motivating and have a low impact alternative for many of the exercises that still keep your heart rate up and still feels super intense.

T25 Alpha is 5 weeks. It is a foundation to getting your body whipped into shape. After I complete Alpha, I am onto Beta, which is more focused on weight training, toning, and building muscle (plus more intense exercises I hear). Beta is an additional 5 weeks. I cannot wait to see my results by April 4th!!! Just in time for spring and summer, WOOHOO!!!

Here’s to not quitting. Here’s to the new me in 10 short weeks!

no quitting

Time for Drastic Measures


Sick of Being Sick

Well faithful readers, I’m back. And unfortunately, I am in bad shape. I am SO sick of being sick all the time.

List of Ailments:

  • Headaches, migraines; regularly.
  • H.Pylori; stomach and upper intestine ulcers bother me daily.
  • Nausea; constant. Vomiting; sporadic.
  • Lethargic; constant.
  • Kidney infection; massive infection in left kidney and left ureter.
  • Mood; difficulty in maintaining mood, too many low periods.
  • Stress; due to the difficulty in maintaining my mood, I have let stress take over my mind and spirit (and now my body).
  • Libido; non-existent.
  • Skin; dry, itchy.
  • Acne; prolonged acne on my face and back.

I have stayed in a very negative place for too long. I had my “light bulb” moment last night and realized I need to get it together. When I was on my “Hippie Food and Sweatpants” journey I was happy (and successful) because I was taking care of myself. I am tired of being tired. I am not “there” for my children and my husband. I have to change. And the change starts NOW!

I just got back from the store. I got all my hippie food as well as some vitamins and supplements to help heal and maintain my body. You know me…I research everything. So, in order to get back on track quickly, I am starting to eat my healthy foods immediately (more “clean” eating) as well as include some extras into my daily regime.

Here is a list of the FOOD I am focused on eating over the next month:

  • Lots of lean protein (i.e. free-range organic chicken breasts, fat-free turkey breast sliced thin, turkey kielbasa)
  • Lots of tilapia, wild caught salmon, white albacore tuna (these are packed with Omega-3’s)
  • High fiber fruits (i.e. apples, raspberries)
  • Avocado (packed with Omega-3’s, heart healthy fats, lots of fiber)
  • Broccoli, spinach, kale, romaine (these are rich in antioxidants, calcium, fiber, folate; folate boosts serotonin)
  • Cucumber (they flush out toxins and keep your skin healthy)
  • Onion, garlic (aid in digestion, supports a healthy digestive tract)
  • Lentils (lots of fiber, lean protein, folate, and so much more; they are a powerhouse of nutrients)
  • Quinoa (tons of fiber, tons of protein; it is a “superfood”)
  • Whole Grains only (i.e. brown rice, whole grain pasta, whole grain bread)

Here is a list of the DRINKS I am focused on over the next month:

  • Water (and lots of it). 88 ounces per day is the goal.
  • Slice of lemon with water, hot or cold (this will help cleanse the kidneys)
  • Lemonade (all-natural, no sugar added preferred; this will help cleanse the kidneys)
  • Green tea with Emergen-C packet (antioxidant plus Vitamin C)
  • Green Goodness by Bolthouse Farms (I drink at least 16 ounces per day)
  • Kefir by Lifeway (I drink at least 8 ounces per day)

Here are the supplements that I am taking daily in order to help my body get back on track and stay on track:


Supplements: probiotic, magnesium, 5-HTP (serotonin), B-Complex, Total Upper GI (if you have H.Pylori, ulcers, or any upper GI issues you have to get the Total Upper GI, it is a miracle pill!).

Epsom Salt: I never realized the benefits of Epsom salts; Add two cups of Epsom salt to a warm-hot bath and soak for at least 15 minutes. This soak will replenish your magnesium levels, which increases adrenaline and serotonin. Your mood will improve and stress levels (including that annoying cortisol) are decreased.

I know it looks like a lot but it really isn’t overwhelming and I take the supplements with every meal. I use a pill box system to ensure I am taking my supplements at the correct times. If you’re like me and have a hard time remembering to take pills, this is the best method I have found to work effectively.

pill box

STRESS! Life happens people, I get it. I need to learn how to manage the stress that comes my way. I am going to incorporate yoga into my exercise routine twice a week and a dedicated prayer time (meditation) every day.

EXERCISE! Oh man…this is the hardest part for me to change. I purchased Beachbody’s T25 and I plan on starting the program Monday (2/23). Gggrrr; but I know it is good for me. Also, I intend to get outside for at least 30 minutes each day. I will walk my dog or just sit on the porch or go for a jog to the mailbox or whatever, as long as I get outside.


Here’s to drastic measures, a new start, and healthy living!

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