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Phase One Complete!


My apologies for this delayed post. I finished the first 8 weeks of my incredible lifestyle change. I am so proud of all that I have accomplished. Check out my “Before and After” on the Progress page.

I visited my doctor for my follow-up on May 15. My results were promising and most importantly, I do not need medications at this time. However, I must continue with my healthy lifestyle of a low-cholesterol diet and exercise.

The Good News: My good cholesterol went up to above average! My triglycerides lowered by 50%! My total cholesterol went down 30 points!

The Bad News: My bad cholesterol still went up. My doctor feels this is genetics coming into play. However, continuing my healthy living should keep me off medications for awhile. I will be reassessed in six months.

The next phase of my healthy living adventure will be building muscle tone and definition as well as getting rid of more belly fat. I will stay on the same nutrition plan (low cholesterol diet). My fitness plan will include running and some kind of circuit training that involves weights; I am going to use Jillian Michaels videos and my rec center for running and extra weight training. I look forward to more changes!fitness-motivation-posters


Forgive Yourself


No One is Perfect


On your weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey there will be obstacles; there will be self-doubt. There is no such thing as perfection. Every day brings the opportunity to make the decision to select good choices.

As we all navigate this crazy beautiful life, anything and everything happens; kids get sick, you get sick, work stress, relationship stress, your work responsibilities, the household responsibilities, finances, car repairs, four children pulling you in different directions with their busy social lives, and constantly trying to be the best wife/mother/friend/sister/daughter/employee that I can be to everyone in my life. But hey folks, guess what? Life happens, regardless if you are ready for any of it, whether it is good or bad.


PLEASE REMEMBER: If you make some negative choices during your journey, don’t beat yourself up. Forgive yourself. Be strong in the knowledge that no one is perfect. Everyone stumbles at some point(s) in their life. Last week, I had a sick kiddo, my cold came back, I was stressed about a great job opportunity (that I ended up getting), I was tired and exhausted, and a super busy schedule. All are “great” excuses; however, I made the decision to not eat and what little I did eat was junk food. Also, I made the decision to not exercise at all. I was really hard on myself, but I realized I have to stay positive and move forward.

I am so ready to get back into the swing of things with my healthy lifestyle. I am working on being nice to myself (mentally) and taking everything one day at a time. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. I am definitely going to maintain a positive attitude and strive to be a better version of who I was yesterday. Stay strong everyone! Live! Have fun! Take care of yourself.


New Start: Week One


T25 and Healthy Eating

This past week went well. The T25 workouts were difficult but I survived. The exercise made me sore but not nearly as sore as I used to get in the past. I was successful at working out in the mornings; one day we had to work-out before dinner due to my husband’s schedule.

As for eating healthy, I did great during the weekdays. I was significantly under my BMR calorie goal every day. On Tuesday I was not feeling well at all and barely ate anything because my stomach could not handle any food. The weekend arrived and I was a little naughty; I had my favorite candy (Rainbow Twizzlers) and over-indulged on Sunday with my husband’s delicious homemade Mexican rice and chili. However, I was only over my daily calories on Saturday.

Overall, the week was successful. I stayed below my fat and carb percentage and was above my protein allotted percentage. I stayed below my allotted calories for the week. I drank a ton of water all week.

I didn’t lose as much weight as I wanted to lose but I did lose one inch in my waist and most importantly, one inch in my belly fat. I don’t have anymore water and waste weight to lose, so now for the super hard reality that I have a lot of fat to lose has set in. But that’s okay because I am lowering my daily calorie intake (from 1,530 to 1,200) and increasing my exercise. I plan on adding Jillian Michael’s “No More Trouble Zones” circuit video to my exercise routine three times per week, in addition to the T25 workouts.

I know that the lowered calories are probably going to cause headaches (as they have in the past) but I plan on having small meals throughout the day and continue to drink a lot of water and hot green tea to help with any complications that may arise while I shrink my stomach to a normal size. I estimated that I was eating around 2,700+ calories per day, (no wonder I gained 18 freakin’ pounds LOL), so I am prepared for my body to go through some major griping and complaining. I just love food, GGAAHH!

Here’s to another successful week. It’s all about small victories people.

be proud

Week 17 Overview


Getting Over the Plateau

This week went well.

I was sluggish on Tuesday afternoon into the evening. I kept drinking water and treated myself to a Skinny Cow dessert. By Wednesday morning, I was more energized. I don’t know if my blood sugar dropped a little or I was just tired from a busy day but things were a little better by the next day. Overall, my mood and energy stayed up but I didn’t have that big drive like last week. I did not take any of the Garcinia Cambogia this week. I really think the Garcinia Cambogia provided me that burst of energy and mood enhancement during Week 16. Since the only change from last week and this week was me not taking the Garcinia Cambogia, I am going back on those amazing pills starting tomorrow. I am still hovering between 6.4 to 7 pounds of weight loss so I think the Garcinia Cambogia gives my body that extra push  it desperately needs and this should help me lose the last five pesky pounds to meet my goals.

This week I went swim suit shopping. And I was so happy by the time I left the store (with a new swim suit). Now I know what you’re thinking, happy after swim suit shopping!? Absolutely because all my hard work is paying off; I now wear a small on top and a medium on bottom (or a medium monokini). I used to have to wear a large (and in some brands an extra large EEKK). So this was super exciting! It is always such an awesome feeling to physically see the difference in your body and, of course, getting new clothes.

Last night, my husband and I treated ourselves to Brazilian food (the place that brings you meat to your table and doesn’t stop coming with the meat until you tap out). The high protein was good, but the sodium content was high. I had one fruity cocktail, a salad (I created myself), and a small portion (1/4 cup) of rice and beans and mashed potatoes to accompany the meat-fest. Each meat portion is about one to two ounces (and I sampled 8 different meats). I did not calculate my meal last night. I always count my calories, but last night I wanted to just relax and see what would happen; I noticed that I selected healthy salad options and in moderation and I selected small portions of carbs. Also, my stomach is definitely shrinking because by meat choice five I was already getting full. The last three options were just me being a glutton (but the food was SO good!). Overall, I would count last night’s dinner as a success!

Exercise: I stuck to my exercise plan like white on rice. I am so proud of me! I think all my exercise attributed to my inch loss (another half inch in belly fat alone!) and I am so excited to keep myself on the exercise train; destination “bringing sexy back”!

I really want to get over this plateau and break through my rut. My goal is to go over seven pounds of total weight loss by the end of next week. I hope to accomplish this goal by taking the Garcinia Cambogia, maintaining my exercise plan, and staying on track with my healthy eating.

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