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Going Strong


As I finished up the past two weeks, I am so proud that I am still going strong. I am eating healthy and exercising. I have had a couple cheat meals over the past two weeks and I haven’t worked out every day these past two weeks but I feel amazing.

I am actually starting to crave healthy foods over the junk I used to eat. When I had the cheat meal, I was ridiculously sick and my body was so mad at me for eating the cheese tots and chicken fingers. I immediately got back on track and my tummy tea works so well. I can tell that my stomach is shrinking because I don’t eat as much in one sitting. Also, moderation is easy now; I can eat one or two Doritos and not have the intense desire to eat the whole bag.

Every day brings its challenges but I am so happy that I am able overcome and keep moving forward.

I am amazed by the emotional side of this journey. At the end of the day, this isn’t about the pounds and the inches lost (bonus!), the cheat meal(s), missing some workouts; this is about building yourself up, gaining confidence with each choice you make, with each mile you push yourself to finish. I have not been this happy in a looong time. I don’t let life just throw me around anymore. I don’t let my personal obstacles beat me down anymore. I rise up, above the negativity, and stand confidently; knowing that I am worth it. I am an incredible woman. I am enough.


Here We Go Again


I’m Back!

Hello ladies and gents! Wow, a whole lot has happened in five months. Let me give you the run down; I gave up on exercise and continued to eat healthy after the adrenal fatigue fun and then I started to feel better and gave up on eating healthy. When May came around, I told myself “who cares? I am going to LIVE!” Well, I lived it up and never stopped eating junk for months. On July 2, I broke my leg (fibula right above my ankle) which required surgery. I have been 100% non-weight bearing and laying/sitting for two whole months while continuing to eat junk all. day. long.

Results of these “fabulous” decisions? My GI tract is miserable, constant headaches and fighting days of migraines, a LOT of extra weight gain which makes it very difficult to move around on my crutches and knee scooter, sluggish, fatigued, acne, moody, cranky, nothing in my closet fits (yes, that includes my fat sweatpants), and pretty much an overall sense of ickyness and misery.

When I weighed and measured myself I realized how out of control I have allowed things to get and I say “NO MORE”. I am getting back on track starting immediately. I have updated my Resources page with new information and my Progress page with new goals and measurements, so be sure to check out those pages.

I am going back through this blog, day-by-day, to get motivation and more ideas for shopping lists and creating weekly meal plans. I’m going back to the basics because I know that everything I have done previously has worked, so I am going to start at the beginning and create a new life for myself. My nutrition is going to be the biggest component of this journey since my exercise plan will have to be highly modified.

Since I have a broken right leg, I will use a foundation of push-ups and sit-ups as well as my stress relieving yoga video to get things started. I have Googled “exercises to do when you have a broken leg” and there are dozens of videos for me to use including CARDIO! No way, so cool! Cardio for crutches. So happy that I have options.

If you find yourself in a situation like mine, stop making excuses (this was so hard for me but I did it) and get yourself in a positive mindset. You’ve got this! Let’s do this!

Forgive Yourself


No One is Perfect


On your weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey there will be obstacles; there will be self-doubt. There is no such thing as perfection. Every day brings the opportunity to make the decision to select good choices.

As we all navigate this crazy beautiful life, anything and everything happens; kids get sick, you get sick, work stress, relationship stress, your work responsibilities, the household responsibilities, finances, car repairs, four children pulling you in different directions with their busy social lives, and constantly trying to be the best wife/mother/friend/sister/daughter/employee that I can be to everyone in my life. But hey folks, guess what? Life happens, regardless if you are ready for any of it, whether it is good or bad.


PLEASE REMEMBER: If you make some negative choices during your journey, don’t beat yourself up. Forgive yourself. Be strong in the knowledge that no one is perfect. Everyone stumbles at some point(s) in their life. Last week, I had a sick kiddo, my cold came back, I was stressed about a great job opportunity (that I ended up getting), I was tired and exhausted, and a super busy schedule. All are “great” excuses; however, I made the decision to not eat and what little I did eat was junk food. Also, I made the decision to not exercise at all. I was really hard on myself, but I realized I have to stay positive and move forward.

I am so ready to get back into the swing of things with my healthy lifestyle. I am working on being nice to myself (mentally) and taking everything one day at a time. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. I am definitely going to maintain a positive attitude and strive to be a better version of who I was yesterday. Stay strong everyone! Live! Have fun! Take care of yourself.


Week 19 Overview


Keep Up the Pace

What a wonderful week! I stuck to my healthy eating and exercise plan. I had no issues with sticking to my nutrition plan; however, I did have a couple days where I did not get to my BMR (I was under my BMR) and then on Friday I had a cheat dinner (spaghetti with a meatball and three amazing delish chicken wings). It was so incredible to have a wonderful cheat meal to end my week, which was a little stressful.

I did change up my exercise plan a little bit; adding a different Jillian Michael’s video twice a week. This video is called No More Trouble Zones and Jillian works arms, abs, butt, and thighs. Holy moly what a hardcore intense workout! This video is no joke and really helped my goal to get more targeted workouts for my butt and thighs. So happy with the workout and plan to continue with this video into next week. I volunteered at my children’s Fun Run (a mini marathon); three of my children are in elementary school (a kindie, a 4th grader, and a 5th grader). I was there all day (845A to 300P) and did three runs (one with each of my children). I was exhausted by the end of the day but I burned a lot of calories and felt good the next day. On Sunday, my husband and I did yard work and had to completely reorganize our house (my mother is living with us for the summer); we moved furniture around and cleaned out the children’s rooms and their playroom. We worked our tails off most of the weekend.

I fluctuated up to 124 pounds but I am still happy and losing inches where it is important to me. I am retaining a little water and plan on drinking at least 10 8-ounce glasses of water this next week (if not more) to help with the bloating. I am losing a little motivation to exercise but plan on getting some more sleep to help me with gaining some of my energy back from an exhausting weekend.

Stay healthy!

stay strong

Week Three Overview


Starting New with Advocare

I started the LeptiLean by Advocare on January 22, 2014. This pill is amazing! I didn’t have the night-time hunger pangs and I ate much less food and felt fuller after lunch and dinner. I consumed 50% less of what I would normally eat at lunch and dinner. Oh my goodness, what a great little pill. I did not exercise this week (except for housecleaning and general walking around) so my weight loss was not significant but due to my “eating in moderation” I lost inches (one inch in just my muffin top made me super happy!). See Progress Reports for more information.

I received my 24-Day Challenge today. I am so excited to start my challenge tomorrow! I plan on keeping you updated on the experience and how things go (what works and what doesn’t). Based on the samples I have tried (Spark energy drink, meal replacement shake, snack bar) and of course the LeptiLean, I am feeling very confident with the 24-Day Challenge. I sent my Advocare Advisor the exercise equipment/videos/rec center I have access to and what my goals are (lose weight and inches, tone my shoulders/upper arms/back and butt/thighs) and he is going to develop a strong exercise plan that will keep my body guessing so I don’t get stuck doing the exact same exercises all the time (since I am a creature of habit).


I am more optimistic this week than last week, which has greatly increased my motivation. I am still experiencing a good mood and clear, glowing skin from eating healthy and exercising. I cannot wait to share the results from this coming week.


Week Two Overview


Why am I Not Losing Weight or Inches?

Well, I didn’t lose as much weight or inches as I thought I was going to (see Progress Reports for more details) but I feel absolutely amazing! I have so much energy, my skin is glowing and fabulous, and I have seen drastic improvements in my mood (I am happy and less stressed).

However, I was still concerned that I did not lose hardly any inches or weight so I asked my brother-in-law (fitness guru) to gain some insight and perhaps a starting point for some research. He and I went over my exercise (extreme cardio and strength training daily) as well as my food diary (nothing but healthy foods with very minimal carbs and sugar). He suggested my problem was not allowing myself a single indulgence and the level of exercise I started to do immediately. I researched leptin (the look-out hormone, the gatekeeper of fat metabolism that tells your body when to hold onto fat storages). Leptin will make your body hold onto fat storages if it senses your body is under stress:

  • Exercising too much (especially if your body is not used to a rigorous work-out routine)
  • Sudden change in diet (especially if you suddenly decrease your intake of carbs and/or sugars)
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress (which increases cortisol; another hormone that holds onto fat cells)

All these items listed above, I am guilty of; unknowingly putting my body under stress by over-exercising too soon, drastically changing my diet to the extreme, and I don’t get near enough sleep that my body requires for all these changes. I should have been gradual about my exercise and in two weeks I should have allowed myself a small indulgence or two. Yesterday, I made a new plan that will require half of the exercise I was doing and trying to get as close to my BMR as I possibly can (after review of my food diary, I was usually 200 calories under my BMR for the day) without going over. I am going to allow myself a small indulgence every week (probably on Saturday or Sunday). I knew the last ten pounds were going to be hardest to get rid of and I want so badly to get rid of them immediately but I learned a valuable lesson in patience this weekend. A lifestyle change is more than dramatic weight loss, it is a journey and I need to enjoy the ride or I won’t be able to keep the weight off for good.

Moderation is key (and that goes both ways); you shouldn’t over-indulge but you shouldn’t under-indulge either.
never give up