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Phase One Complete!


My apologies for this delayed post. I finished the first 8 weeks of my incredible lifestyle change. I am so proud of all that I have accomplished. Check out my “Before and After” on the Progress page.

I visited my doctor for my follow-up on May 15. My results were promising and most importantly, I do not need medications at this time. However, I must continue with my healthy lifestyle of a low-cholesterol diet and exercise.

The Good News: My good cholesterol went up to above average! My triglycerides lowered by 50%! My total cholesterol went down 30 points!

The Bad News: My bad cholesterol still went up. My doctor feels this is genetics coming into play. However, continuing my healthy living should keep me off medications for awhile. I will be reassessed in six months.

The next phase of my healthy living adventure will be building muscle tone and definition as well as getting rid of more belly fat. I will stay on the same nutrition plan (low cholesterol diet). My fitness plan will include running and some kind of circuit training that involves weights; I am going to use Jillian Michaels videos and my rec center for running and extra weight training. I look forward to more changes!fitness-motivation-posters


Week 20 Overview



way of life

I was diligent in my healthy eating and exercise this week. I am definitely holding strong at 123 to 124 pounds with little inch loss. I am comfortable with my weight and what I see when I look in the mirror. Maintaining at 123 pounds (for now) is nice, but I still want to focus on toning my body; specifically my butt, thighs, shoulders, and arms. I am going to continue performing cardio (elliptical, walking); however, I want to focus more effort on strength training/weight lifting. I want to be strong! (not crazy buff girl, but just a little definition). I plan on following my healthy eating, as usual, and slightly modifying my exercise plan to incorporate more toning workouts.

I want to check out Vitamin Cottage. This past week I needed sugar-free, all natural, shaved coconut and was given the suggestion to go to Vitamin Cottage. I quickly went into the store and got the coconut I needed but was so enthralled by all the hippie food. I cannot wait to check this place out, thoroughly, and hopefully find some amazing hippie food to incorporate into my healthy lifestyle.

I have been looking back on these past few months and this phase has been a long time coming. WOW! I am so proud of myself and my progress. I set manageable goals for myself and accomplished my short-term goals with motivation and perseverance. I am so excited to wear my new bathing suit and go to Vegas in a couple weeks. WooHoo! It is going to be a fantastic get-a-way for my husband and me. All this hard work is paying off and I love that I have made this adventure a lifestyle and not some ridiculous fad diet. Stay healthy my friends!